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Every one online is having an email, mostly free email like gmail. So now we are making it the currency of the Internet. But, not for spammers please. We know how to handle it. So, if you are a professional user or a serious buyer alone we empower you. Others we block them for life. So use it properly.


Right Now We Have all Digital Products for Buying

To Earn Money

We have tons of Digital Products, eBooks, Video and Audio trainings, Softwares, Articles, Guides, to help you in earning money from Internet with a Laptop.

Small Business

We have tons of eBooks and Marketing Tools, that will help you to generate hot leads for your business and to increase your sales and profits.


We have tons of eBooks and Marketing Tools, that will help you to generate hot leads for your business and to increase your sales and profits.

Busy CEO

We know you are busy and you don’t have any time to polish the necessary skills. Don’t worry, we have you covered with our short and sharp courses.


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All in one

Get Everything You Need With Just One Email

There is no catch what so ever. There are no strings attached. There are no obligations, that are invisible. It is as straight forward as it is visible. But, only one condition. This platform is not for misusing. You can not grab all the things, at a time and misuse. That is the reason, we have massive monitoring system established. As you use the things and join the community and contribute with your acquired knowledge, we will give you more and more almost, unlimited resources for FREE.


What You Get


Video Training

Audio Training

Marketing Tools


Graphic Design

Marketing Videos


"What a Concept. It is absolutely, ground breaking in the world of Digital Marketing and eLearning. I appreciate the initiative and Digital Cosmos is the only one that can do this."

Monarch Inc.

"The Quality of the material is next to the Best in the world. This happened just because they took all the care in selecting resources from Masters of the Industry."

Extra Co.

"It is high time, we need to have one of this kind. This could not be possible, but for their dedication and commitment to bring valuable resources to the common man's door step. Let us use and share across the world."



“I Will use this platform for my small business”

As a Small Business owner, I know how much it costs, to get the value learning and value marketing. I really shocked to see this offer. But, when I understood that they are committed to make this world a Better Place, it is highly appreciated.

“I Tripled the size of my email lists!”

The Email tool they are using here is one of it’s kind. They made it so easy to optin for any kind of offer. When used this BestOptin.Com I got my email list built in a flick. I strongly suggest all Digital Marketers and Small Business owners, to have a glance on this Magic tool.

“This is my one-stop-shop for learning”

I know, how difficult it is to find any learning material on net. Having spent 1000s of Dollars, I got nothing out of it. But, when I started using these Buy With Email study material, I got literally shocked at the master quality of presentation and content.

  How it works?

The system is very simple. Earn Email Dollars and Buy.

We don’t want to be a bubble on the net for a while. It took us lot of brain storming to arrive at this stage to offer the resources for FREE. At the same time, we were in need of controlling the misuse and spamming. For this reason only we created Email Dollars. As on date the rate of an Email Dollar is a Cent (United States). So if you want to earn a US Dollar you need to earn 100 Email Dollars. This of course you will get with simple registration. These Email Dollars, once earned can be redeemed for any kind of learning resources or marketing resources. You can earn extra Email Dollars by referring friends and others on Social Media (Please don’t Spam Around). You, even can join our premium memberships to access the resources without waiting to earn Email Dollars also. It is all your own choice, nothing is mandatory.



Choose A Plan That Works For You


You are being given choices. You can start with Zero cost and grow as you move ahead. If you are impatient like us or you can afford or you don’t have much time to wait or if you are liking our wonderful concept and want to be the part of the mission, you can choose other plans.

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As you can understand, the demand for this facility will be growing exponentially very soon, just because of the value of the resources. We fear, we can continue the same facility for long. Before the doors closed or the facilities decreased, join the army of learners to earn money from Internet. Share more and more to earn more Email Dollars. See you in the inside.